The Korean Karate Academy of Alaska is a traditional martial arts club teaching Tang Soo Do in Juneau, Alaska.

Prospective Students

Student's Code of Conduct

Members shall follow these principles of Tang Soo Do: Tang Soo Do is a classical martial art and not a sport. It is designed to foster physical, mental, and spiritual health. As a classical martial art, Tang Soo Do aims to develop and express the individual’s true self. As its major focus is interior development, competition by groups or individuals is of minor usefulness in realizing individual potential. Every student of Tang Soo Do must do his utmost to retain the purity of this art. Every member should: seek truth; work at developing his highest moral character; strive for humility; love his country; sacrifice himself for justice; contribute, by example, to the acceptance of Tang Soo Do as the most genuine of the martial arts; develop his endurance; and value confidence and peace of mind. Members shall conduct themselves at all times as an example of the art. The very fact that you study Tang Soo Do makes you an example of the art.

Note To Our Younger Students

The motions and techniques that you learn in class are not to be used in school, on the playground, or at home on your brothers and sisters!KARATE IS NOT A GAME! Your conduct outside of class is as important as your conduct during class.

General Rules for class