The Korean Karate Academy of Alaska is a traditional martial arts club teaching Tang Soo Do in Juneau, Alaska.

Meet the Instructors

Mike Ban 6th Dan

Michael Ban received his 1st Dan in 1971. He arrived in Juneau, Alaska in August 1978. In January 1979, Michael Ban started the Juneau chapter of the Korean Karate Academy through the local Community Schools program. The school has attracted and produced many Dans - all of whom brought strength and diversity to the club. Some of them may be instructing you the next time you walk in the door.

Bruce Massey 4th Dan

Mr. Massey started karate with Mr. Ban back in Michigan. He arrived in Juneau in October of 1978 and, in 1979, co-founded the club with Mr. Ban. The two friends have worked side by side to establish a strong traditional club.

Judy Lum 3rd Dan

Ms. Lum is an assistant instructor of the Korean Karate Academy of Alaska. She started in the club and in 2011 was awarded her 3rd Dan.